Al Nahda International Hospital located at Airport Road, Abu Dhabi is a state-of-the-art purpose-built hospital which commences operations in 2008. The hospital provides a wide range of in-patient, out-patient, medical, surgical and diagnostic services with 24-hour Emergency and GP services. It has a total capacity of 103 Operational Beds, including royal suites and VIP units. It currently operates 5 operation theaters.
Al Nahda International Hospital employs highly qualified medical staff, most of which have trained in European and American hospitals. The hospital has acquired the most advanced medical equipment and has always been keen to introduce the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques. The hospital Equipped to perform complete procedures such as cardiac surgery, angiography and spinal orthopardic surgery, a department specially made for one-day surgeries. It has fully equipped departments including Obstetrics and Gynecology and Nuclear Medicine with an up-to-date Gamma Camera.
This branch has 3 luxurious royal suites located on different floors with their own dedicated entrance. Each unit has six rooms consisting of the patient's room, a sitting area for men and another one for the ladies, an office for the physician and an office for the nurse, plus a room specially made for the patient's escort. The hospital also has eight more VIP rooms.

Al Nahda International Hospital- Airport Road was JCI accredited in December 3, 2009 JCIA and was also awarded the ISO..