Al Nahda International Hospital:

Al Nahda International Hospital is the largest integrated private healthcare service provider in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Through a network of two hospitals in Abu Dhabi City, one hospital in Al Ain and nine outpatient medical centres across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al Nahda provides quality primary, secondary and tertiary care. It provides specialised and complex services such as cardiothoracic surgery, bariatric surgery, renal dialysis, nuclear medicine, fertility treatment, and other medical and surgical services.

Al Nahda is focused on clinical excellence and patient safety and provides care at international standards. Al Nahda was the first private hospital in Abu Dhabi City to obtain Joint Commission International (“JCI”) accreditation, and today all of its hospitals are accredited. Per a patient satisfaction survey done by HAAD in 2011, Al Nahda’s two hospitals in Abu Dhabi City are ranked first and third in Abu Dhabi in terms of inpatient satisfaction, scoring 91% and 90%, respectively, while its Al Ain hospital ranked first in Al Ain, scoring 90%..