Our Strategy:

Given the market Al Nahda operates in, the executive management team determined a five year strategic plan beginning in 2013 comprising the following elements:

  • Continue to lead the market in terms of medical quality including the implementation of several initiatives to maintain and extend Al Noor’s market leading standards for clinical quality, including the further recruitment of top medical talent and continued service delivery at international standards of best medical practice.
  • Continue to improve clinical and administrative operational efficiencies by, for example, improving utilisation of resource intensive facilities like operating rooms as well as centralising or consolidating certain ancillary services such as laboratory services.
  • Continue to grow within existing hospitals by aligning with HAAD-identified gaps in the healthcare services market, predicted disease trends and an ageing population.
  • Continue to grow network of outpatient medical centres to increase accessibility for patients, expand the Company’s integrated network and provide primary care services in strategically chosen locations.
  • Pursue expansion opportunities in Abu Dhabi to increase capacity in the medium term, including the facilities at Airport Road Hospital.
  • Pursue inorganic growth opportunities to expand into new geographic markets and into new service lines, with a particular focus on expanding the network into other Emirates in the UAE, such as Dubai and Sharjah, and in the longer term to expand into the wider GCC.