Founded in 1985, Al Nahda International Hospital provides a complete continuum of healthcare and has places itself among the Leading private hospital services provider in Abu Dhabi. Relocation of Al Nahda International Hospital to Khalifa Street in 1999, Al Nahda Khalifa Branch was launched in the year 2001.

 In 2006, Al Nahda International Hospital was established in Al Ain followed by the inauguration of its unique, purpose-built hospital at Airport Road in 2008. The hospital soon evolved into a state-of-the-art healthcare provider, employing experienced medical professionals and the latest facilities. It has since achieved remarkable progress in the healthcare industry and has recently expanded to Abu Dhabi’s Western region, opening specialized clinics in Madinat Zayed, Mirfa and Mussafah, offering medical services as well as emergency referrals to its Abu Dhabi branches.

Al Nahda has achieved phenomenal success in path-breaking procedures and has placed itself among the top healthcare institutions in the country. The hospital is affiliated with United Kingdom’s National Health Service and the Health Authority Abu Dhabi in addition to a number of International Health Institutions. Equipped with the latest and most advanced medical equipment the Hospital remains an inventor, always keen to introduce the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques. In April 2000 Al Nahda was bestowed the prestigious ISO 2002 Certificate, the first private hospital in Abu Dhabi to achieve this award. In the year 2002 Al Nahda won the International Award for Best Performance and has continued to succeed by achieving the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence awards in 2003, 2005 and 2007. The JCIA Accreditation has recently been awarded to Al Nahda International Hospital Al Ain City, Al Nahda International Hospital Khalifa Street and Al Nahda International Hospital Airport Road, Abu Dhabi. In 2009, Al Noor was presented with the acclaimed Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, Gold Category for its contribution to healthcare.

Going beyond healthcare to promote healthy living, Al Nahda takes a profound interest in creating awareness about health issues in the region, including diabetes and obesity. Al Nahda’s number one priority is to serve the society with the best healthcare services and is committed to maintain its position as one of the finest providers of healthcare in the private sector.